Pole and Bracket Ceiling Mount Kit (Enclosure not included)

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Adjustable Range Storm Shell TV enclosure Ceiling mount from 34" to 56".  The top mounting plate Can be horizontally mounted on the ceiling or vertically on a wall.  It can also be angled for multiple Beam angle options.

44 User Manual

55-65 User Manual

Customer Reviews

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This is exactly what we needed to hang our storm shell on our back porch. I didn't want to attach it to the side of our house.

Off to a rocky start but still a good mount!

Did not get off to a good start with this one. On the first attempt I was missing part of the order but did not realize it. All I received was a bracket and pole and 4 lag bolts. I contacted customer support Via email and was told by Monte that I would need to use parts from the SS-44 and the pole kit to attach the SS-44 To the pole. I figured the error may have been on my end so I went back to the website and saw exactly what I needed. It a $39 pole mount accessory kit which had u bolts and a bracket included. I ordered the kit, waited another week for it to arrive. When it showed up it was not the correct kit, it was a kit used to mount the Tv in the SS-44 if you can not stud mount the unit. This time I called customer support, no more email and luckily Monte answered. I explained my situation to him and he then realized that part of my original order was missing. He personally arranged the shipment of the missing kit and arranged for a refund for the additional kit I purchased but did not need. He also noted that there was a revised set of instructions available (The original instruction set SUCKED big time!) With everything I needed finally on hand and a clear set of instructions, I was able to install the Pole Mount, attach the SS-44 and install the tv in about an hour and a half. Overall even with the mixups, I’m am very pleased with the end result!