Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-55/65 - non refundable

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If you want your TV mounted in the center of a specific spot, this adapter mounting plate is the perfect solution to make that happen.  It has universal holes to connect to studs which will enable you to mount your TV exactly where you want it. 

Fits SS-55 & SS-65

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55 adapter Manual

Customer Reviews

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Brian Gottlieb
Mounting plate needs more holes

The mounting plate has plenty of holes for the TV mount but not enough for the plate itself.
My studs are spaced at weird intervals due to hardy plank panels and metal frames. If the plate had the same hole pattern to mount itself as it does for the tv mount - I would have been golden. I had to make my own mounting plate from 2x4s to mount the tv. Otherwise it looks like a great product. Dunno what to do with mine…

William Powell
Mounting Plate


Ray Fitz
Adapter Plate

The plate fit perfectly and made installation quick and easy.

Why can’t I return it?

I purchased a Storm Shell adapter mounting plate thinking I would need to use it. To my surprise, I didn’t need it after all. The plate was never even opened, leaving it in the same condition as it arrived. I reached out to return it and was told that item is not refundable as per the item description. I asked why the policy was that way, since this item is non-perishable and never even opened. You responded back with “that’s just the policy”. That’s a poor excuse. The “just because” argument doesn’t answer anything. Yes, it does read that this item is non-refundable, but why? It’s not broke, defective, or been removed from the package, so why can’t it be returned?

Damion McLean

This was the perfect product for us. We bought a beach house and wanted to put a TV on the screened in back porch but also protect it from the elements. Perfect product for what we were looking for.