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Storm Shell TV

Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-55/65/75 - non refundable

Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-55/65/75 - non refundable

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If you want your TV mounted in the center of a specific spot, this adapter mounting plate is the perfect solution to make that happen.  It has universal holes to connect to studs which will enable you to mount your TV exactly where you want it. 

Fits SS-55, SS-65, and SS-75

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55 adapter Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Todd Thielmann
Non-refundable sucks

I bought the plate just in case my friend needed it. Turns out they didn’t so now I’m stuck with the plate.

Richard Stoops
To many pieces and other items.

When putting the cover together, you have 24 holes for screens and you supply 20 screws with lock washer and you want us to use 4 other screws and larger washers; why not just give the remain 4 screws?
Also you vesa mount is by no means the easiest to setup. You basically have to attach the TV in place because of the brackets which is very difficult depending on how high you are mounting the TV.

Collis Barksdale
Slow delivery

Like the product but disappointed that it took over a week to get the bracket that probably should have been included with the cover.

Jim Martin
55” StormShell

Great product.

Stephen Ell
Good product. Exactly what we needed

Good product. Exactly what we needed to make it line up with our studs and center it on the wall where we wanted the TV. Couldn’t have mounted the TV without it