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Storm Shell TV

Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-55/65 - non refundable

Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-55/65 - non refundable

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If you want your TV mounted in the center of a specific spot, this adapter mounting plate is the perfect solution to make that happen.  It has universal holes to connect to studs which will enable you to mount your TV exactly where you want it. 

Fits SS-55 & SS-65

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55 adapter Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Aaron Schaub

Would love to review the adapter plate as well as the fan I bought but unfortunately I still haven’t received my storm shell enclosure that I ordered several months ago. I’m somewhat pissed about it. I’ve got a brand new 75” tv sitting in a box in my back room and football season has started and well no enclosure. I keep being told another week or two it’s sitting in a rail yard a couple hours away from y’all. Well here’s an idea. Send a hotshot truck for them cause it looks like the railroad is going on strike. Sure would be nice to sit out by my new pool and watch football


Thank you for the feedback, I understand that you're frustrated and we apologize for this inconvenience. We are doing everything in our power so we can get our products and ship them to our customers.

Chris Reeves
Unused and unopened

Unopened and would like to send it back-didn't need it.


unfortunately this product is non-returnable You were advised about this before your purchased the part If you have any questions please contact me at have a great day.

Anthony Maggio
Love the plate

The plate almost fit perfectly between three studs but it fell short by a little. I still have it mounted securely but the I think it should be a little longer in design. Other than that it’s perfect.

Priscilla Encarnacao
Okay mount. Should be included with shell. Needs to be modified for 2x6 timber construction

Mount is strong and sturdy. However, this mount should be included in the storm shell product. Had to wait 10 days for the mount. They should say something like this when originally purchasing the mount: “storm shell is only mountable on concrete or brick facade or with timber frame construction spaced perfectly center behind storm shell spaced at 16 inches on center.”
Additionally the mount itself needed modification. My house is newer and has 2x6 construction which makes my studs 24 inches on center. I had to drill press a hole at 24 inches on the mounting bracket for it to work. Storm shell needs to consider all types of installation with their product!

A Few Complaints But it Does Work

The instructions are very difficult to follow. Also be sure to keep in mind the location of the mount holes on the back of your tv. This product assumes the holes are centered on the back, but most tvs are not.