Storm Shell Adapter Mounting Plate SS-44 - non refundable

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If you want your TV mounted in the center of a specific spot, this adapter mounting plate is the perfect solution to make that happen.  It has universal holes to connect to studs which will enable you to mount your TV exactly where you want it. 

Fits SS-44

Click here for:

44 adapter Manual


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shirley Adams

Worked just great

Lea R
Never Unpacked it

Bought it based off a few reviews stating that the majority of the installs need it. I bought it as a “just in case”, but of course never needed it. So because of the non-returnable I’m stuck with a part that was not needed.

PS, absolutely LOVE the storm shell.

Scott Brown
Works Well. Instructions Require an Engineering Degree

I installed our storm shell out doors on a deck post. The instructions for the storm shell are only for installing on studs. I had to get this adapter to make it work. There were only instructions for installing the adapter on non-standard studs, not for an individual post. The instructions overall were very confusing. I still don't know what the wood piece is installed on the back of the panel or what some of the extra holes are for. There needs to be better instructions that are clear to anyone. Also a video on using the adapter would be great. The only video I saw was for a standard installation. I still don't know how waterproof this unit is. I had to tape up several drilled holes and 't looks like rain in strong winds could get in. We'll have to see. I taped up the grommet for the cord since it wasn't waterproof.

Robert Chirone
Accomodated the varience created by non standard frame spacing

Enjoying the TV outside by the pool

Thomas Hulslander
Arrived quickly, need to mount a little higher in the case

When matching 3 mounting holes for case, the TV sits a little low, would have been better an inch or 2 higher.

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this along to our engineering and manufacturing divisions .